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BWhite (http://gfy.com):

I am using hardlinks.org service and everything is going smooth. I chose monthly payment option, it's very convenient for me and for my budget. Got my first report with hardlinks. Checked them, they are indexed in google and hosted on different IPs.

Thanks guys for your service. I'm happy to deal with you, also I recommend gfy fellows hardlinks.org service.

pristine (http://gfy.com):

Ray's a good guy and has been building quality links for himself for years, cool to see him offering it to others now.

GARY LEE (http://gfy.com):

Does exactly what he says he will do. For some of the so called SEO guys I've had experience with he is at the top.
Thanx Ray

Icy (http://gfy.com):

I'm happy with his service, delivers exactly what he offers.

bns666 (http://gfy.com):

i am a customer and his service is good, you get exactly what he specified in his offer.